RAL DIAGNOSTICS: Life Sciences, Biological Stains, Telepathology (CEO, P&L Responsibility, Market Visioning, Business Plan Development)

Our client, RAL Diagnostics, is a $5 million manufacturer of biological stains for the field of human and animal health, scientific research, medical diagnosis and industry. RAL Diagnostics serves 6,000 medical analysis laboratories and anatomopathology laboratories of France thanks to a network of 35 distributors and 180 representatives. The company was founded in 1916 and is present in more than 40 countries in the world.

Our relationship with this client has lasted more than 14 years. We initially helped them resolve a dispute between shareholders following the spinning off of their business from a European chemical giant, have acted as a liaison with a large shareholder and have participated in a number of strategic planning exercises for the company.

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CLEMEX: Intelligent Microscopy (Due Diligence, M&A)

We conducted preacquisition due diligence on behalf of our client RAL, which resulted in their taking a significant equity position in the capital of CLEMEX, a Canadian company whose stock is traded on the TSX/CDNX (Canadian Venture Exchange Network) under the symbol CXG.A. Clemex is a designer and manufacturer of Image Analysis systems and software for microscopy applications.

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