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BainConsult is an international consulting and trading business that provides guidance and support for commodities trades and the structuring of financial transactions.



The market potentials of a unified Europe, China and the United States rival those of any other trading bloc. To American businesses, failure to be present in the European and Chinese marketplaces represents the loss of a major business opportunity. Likewise, European businesses are fully aware of the potential of the US marketplace and are committed to participating in it. The Chinese already manufacture more competitively than most and are already present in most markets.

While many of the physical barriers to market entry have come down and will be eased even further over time, other obstacles, many cultural but of equal importance, continue to exist in all three marketplaces. These uncertainties, combined with the risks inherent in expanding into a foreign country, present challenges to business.

Bernard Bain created BainConsult to do the following:

"During the time that SPS has used your services to establish business contacts and relationships with various Telecom, Computer and ATM manufacturers in France, we have always been very pleased with the quality of relationships that have been developed", wrote Tetso Suguira, Director of Design and Manufacture, and Gary Hopkins, Senior Executive Sales, Sanken Power Systems (UK). They continued: Furthermore, "the content of the work carried out has been thorough and demonstrated a clear understanding of the industry involved. This has been supported by an entrepreneurial approach, combined with a good understanding of the often conflicting aspects of the client's position."

John Mills and Tom Cox, directors of Longdin & Browing, wrote: "Your help and co-operation in promoting the Clear Cone system in France has lead to an agreement being reached with a major consultant-engineering group to promote and use the system on construction and maintenance of major highways.

" Sam Mangali, CEO of Brubeck Trading (Pty)of South Africa says: "Your understanding and astute analysis of trading relationships combined with a clear understanding of the law and a capacity to document such relationships facilitates early completion of trading transactions."


Created in 1980, BainConsult seeks to expand the revenue base of American, Chinese and European corporate and not-for-profit clients in the following ways:

In appropriate cases, the group takes an ownership interest in the venture.

Commodity Trading: Commodity Trading as principals also plays an important part of our activities.


Services are provided through consulting missions, Interim Management appointments or through Outsourced Consulting Services, with competitive fee structures.

Success is assured by a hands-on approach using in-house multilingual personnel that understand target markets.


We are active in the following areas:


We have successfully completed assignments in the following market sectors:

  • Access control systems
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Air conditioning
  • Aircraft retrofits
  • Aircraft service centers
  • Animal production
  • Animal vaccine production
  • Artificial heart technology
  • Audio speakers
  • Automotive replacement parts
  • Automotive wheel rims
  • Automotive manufacture - second and third tier
  • Beef production
  • Billboard cataloging systems
  • Biotech
  • Butchers shops
  • Cancer research and treatment
  • Central heating circulators
  • Ceramic tile
  • Clinical and medical supplies
  • Clinical research
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration display cases
  • Commercial and industrial ventilation products
  • Conference organization
  • Diamonds and precious stones
  • Digital video imaging for medical and industrial applications
  • Electric water pump
  • Energy recovery
  • European Union grant-funded activities
  • eWaste disposal business
  • Fiber-optics cables
  • Financial instrument trading and placement
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Fixed base operation (aviation service)
  • Foundry (steel)
  • Frozen food retail
  • Fruit supply
  • Gold refiningand trading
  • Government bonds
  • Grain trading
  • Halal meats
  • Helicopter retrofitting and manufacture
  • Highway landscaping HVAC
  • Incinerators
  • Industrial steam boiler manufacturer
  • Insurance
  • In Vitro diagnostic devices
  • Irrigation systems
  • Land surveying
  • Laser marking systems for aeronautic cables
  • Leather baggage
  • Live animal trading
  • Malt production
  • Meat distribution
  • Meat trading
  • Mechanical engineering services to NASA
  • Merchant banking - IPO self-underwriting
  • Military housing
  • Music and record production
  • Modular About Uss development
  • Not-for-profit associations
  • Office furniture
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Oil and gas
  • Petroleum
  • Porcelain
  • Poultry and egg production and distribution
  • Prepared foods (sausages, pies)
  • Retail - Computers
  • Rice
  • School
  • Security systems
  • Semiconductors and power supplies
  • Sesame seed
  • Solar energy
  • Soya beans trading
  • Steam supply
  • Sugar production
  • Telecom products
  • Timber
  • Total artificial heart
  • Trading
  • Trucking
  • Video image modeling system
  • Vinyl phonographic record manufacture
  • Water treatment technology