Bain Consult


Commodity Trading

We are active in commodity trading, the buying and selling commodities. We are physical traders, where commodities are actually delivered under contract. Our involvement in futures and other regulated market techniques are carried out exclusively through registered traders and always to reduce or eliminate risk. We specialize in commodities where sellers and buyers with whom we are in regular contact are known to be serious. We do not use Alibaba and other online trading forums. Currently, we are most active in petrochemical products such as Russian D2 and Russian Mazout, Brazilian sugar and prilled urea of CIS origin. All trading of financial instruments is effected through registered bond traders.

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Merchant Banking

BainConsult through its associate company conducts the business of a boutique merchant bank, advising clients on the structuring and sourcing of funding packages of all types. We sometimes take equity positions.

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Asset Management

BainConsult through its associate company manages private funds and high-valued assets for its clients, promoting developments using Private Wealth Management Programs.

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We are active in the Life, Pensions and General Insurances sector through Bernard Bain's appointment with Guardian Life of the Caribbean.

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Mergers and Acquisitions (Selection, Due Diligence, Negotiation, Implementation)

As part of every market entry evaluation, a determination is made of whether the acquisition of a local partner would be appropriate. This permits market entry to be effected quickly and with reduced risk. Our approach is to seek target acquisitions that are profitable, permitting acquisition financing to be supported by revenues generated by the entity acquired. We do not seek to perform the role of the large investment banker. Our role is an extension of market development operations. As part of a market investigation, we develop intelligence on the players and their strategies. We have found that as an outsider, we can bring a fresh outlook which can often identify opportunities not seen by industry professionals.

Dispute Resolution and Key Shareholder Relations

For many years, we have provided Dispute Resolution services with respect to minority shareholdings and commercial matters. We pride ourselves in being able to find innovative ways of resolving such disputes seeking to avoid costly litigation.

Maintaining good relations with key foreign shareholders can sometimes present challenges. We seek to provide measured amounts of information in a clear way that avoids misunderstanding.

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Pre-IPO's and IPO's

Building a business during the pre-IPO stage and in the period following a successful IPO requires vision, energy and determination. We understand this from first hand experience.

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Regulatory Compliance

It is important to ensure that hardware and software, medical devices and others regulated products meet regulatory requirements.

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Corporate Representation

We represent clients as required by the circumstances whether at conferences, seminars, events, tradeshows and press conferences or in corporate organizational matters.

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Financial Plan Preparation

In any successful business development operation, the switch from market strategy to financial planning is a necessary one. We have had many years experience in preparing such plans as a part and parcel of any business development exercise.

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Placements in Private Wealth Management Programs

We participate in joint ventures for placements in Private Wealth Management Programs.

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Brand Development

This involves identifying a sales team that understands the brand and is enthusiastic in developing it. Visits to selected end-users and sales staff on the ground release relevant information on the position of the brand in the marketplace. Marketing tools are reviewed to ensure that they are adequate and address all aspects of the product that should be promoted.

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Market Visioning

It is important to have a clear vision of objectives and how to achieve them. From many years of diverse business experience, we are well placed to help clients define their vision.

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Market Entry

We seek to secure for clients target market structures and business models likely to meet objectives selected by the client. Alternative strategies are identified, evaluated and proposed. The image of the product, enlisting the right business partners and establishing high performance sales channels are key in launching new products and technologies and are areas where we have a successful track record.

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Market Plan Preparation and Implementation

The first step in any market entry program is the preparation of a market plan involving the following:

  • Market selection: The selection of target markets is important.
  • Market evaluation: An initial evaluation of the markets selected is carried out in preparing the plan.
  • Market entry strategy and plan: A practical work plan and strategy aimed at achieving defined objectives.

As implementation takes place, the plan is reviewed and updated.

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